Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Flash--Memories Abound

“Hurry,he's waking!Get the mask” I hear as consciousness grips me.

Wait,where am I? Who are these oddly dressed men?Before I can find out I slip into darkness again.

A terrible hum wakes me.

Oh, the headache! “Look here, the Mage wakes.” I hear a gruff voice say, fake concern oozing out of every syllable. “Gnar, I think you may of struck him too hard” It laughs.

I grown, reaching for my face but all I feel are stone and metal. Then I notice the sounds around me, the marching feet and clanging of objects, are all muffled. And an ebon stillness surrounds me as I try to look out.

“Yea, I though I good scramble would keep his memories where they belong. I'd rather not have to deal with that mess,you know how the caption can get.” Replied the one called Gnar close to my left side.

Gods!I've be captured!I stand hyperventilating,vision turning red-edged.

“Oh, I think he's not happy...” A wild duet of chortles sound off as a tug on the chain brings me to my knees. The sounds of the multitude drowning out my cries of despair.

“W..Wh...Where are we going? I have to yell over the sound of foot on rock. Fearing the answer, knowing why I'm still breathing(as hard as it is in this cage).

“To the land of plenty, Vivir.” Growls the Gnar I can feel his ire even through gem and ore.

Home! I need to stop this, now!I need to warn the Circle...

I remember the storm on the planes, darkly clouds brightly flashing. I recall the smell of warm sea air charged with power. I feel my hair stand on edge...Focus, I need focus!The chain!I reach out feeling iron rings in my palm.

“Uhh, what's he doing Fein?'

“Just watch...” The arrogant peon says.

Yes, stand there!My rage gives me an outlet for the energies building.I yarp as one of these crude Northmen. The world around me stands still.

I hear laughter, then the jolt. My yell of victory turns to screams of pain as the charge backfires and brings me to my knees.

I feel the memory settling back into place...Why didn't it work?I beat on my prison like a wild animal.

“Oh Great and Powerful One, your tricks won't work here. You're just a man now!” I hear through the nasally laugh of my captor.

I'm drug along for miles fighting every step. They WILL not use MY blood to open the Coral Gates!I WILL NOT let my people suffer! What to do, come on think! I need this damned headpiece off!

I grab my head in frustration, in pain.This Null field causes so much pain...I stop.A seam! It can be broken, this thing of man! Gods be praised!How....

I take a deep breath as I think on this...I smell salt and sand, the landscape is flatter here.Have we really traveled so far already? I also realize I have slack in the chain. Either they've grown too confident or I too resigned to the situation. Time to fix that!

With all my might I yank the iron chain. I feel it go taught then slack again as the soldier falls. There's a snap and a scream. I pay no heed,I just run.

“YOU SON OF A WHORE!”I hear entirely too close. I need to get this off!I try pulling up, hoping that the blood from my wound will be enough to help me slide out.I'm unable to find out, being knocked sideways. Seeing stars.

“We only need your blood mage-dog, not you!”A sharp pain at my ribs makes me roll over to suck in air.


I laugh at the luck,an insane and entirely too loud gleeful cackle from my dry lips.

“ What are you laughing at?” Gnar ask with hate behind his deep voice.

I say nothing as I recall the memory.

Right before I left for my tour of duty I spent the night with my love ,Yvian and our little redhead Zoie.Yvian and I had put the wee on to bed hours ago, I tucked her in and told her I'd be away for a while. She was sad but understood. Gods sometimes she's too smart...

“Answer me!”

Even a stomp on my back cannot break the hold the memory has!

...We had finished our last bottle of vintage hours ago, but that was fine. We were content holding each other. Neither saying, but fearing it could be the last time. Besides the suns were coming up.

So beautiful! Both all shades of golds and reds and purples. Being bathed in their light and holding her was the most glorious feeling in the world .I swore then and there to do all in my power to protect my land and my loved ones...

It didn't matter that the blow was coming for me. The light of the Twins was flowing through me, growing hotter, growing brighter every second.

“YVIAN!” I scream as the golden light engulfs the plain.


  1. This worked really well! The only quibble I have is the "DAYLIGHT!" part — it needs more explanation. You told me IRL that the seam came open, true…

  2. I had a bit but kind of skipped over it in my haste