Friday, May 16, 2014


Cool mountain morning.

Sunlight shining in slivers of pale gold,
promising the riches of the day.
Purple on the edges, begging the Dawn Chorus to start.

A rustle of feather on leaf,
A low warbled call,chirping a good morrow to all.
Inviting, warm as the light over head.

"Come feast, come play.", It calls

"Yes, let us break our fast,"
Shrilly echoes the movement in the trees.
Pleading vivaciously for all to join the sun in rising. 
"Let us waste the day away in merriment, joy, and love." 

And the Chorale grew in volumes as the world awoke to beauty and life.


  1. What a lovely description of the dawn chorus. Nicely penned.

  2. Song of the Morning People? ;-)

    This was pretty good. It almost makes getting up with the chickens sound pleasant!

  3. Larry, a little ironic as that’s the opposite of me,huh? :P I'm wondering if you heard the wren and tawny owl while reading it yourself,LOL.

    Steve, thank you I was a bit unsure as I've never been a morning person nor have I been to the UK.I'm glad it was enjoyed even as short as it is.

  4. This is a lovely piece!

  5. Niiice.
    A poetic nod to a new day.