Tuesday, October 23, 2012

(#FlashFriday) And the River Ran Silver (preview)

A work in progress, but here's a bit of a tease:


Quick Silver Creek, just another boom town on the dusty edge of a river bed…

Not even a big one at that. But, As Ezrah knew all too well, that’s where bad days and sleepless night were born. The trouble with life on the Borderlands is that they border on crazy. You never know what sort of beast or man you’ll find there. To a few that’s the joy, seeing giant spiders scurry across the plains, or play host to the few wild elves left for a night. To the rest it’s a nightmare, full of raiding goblins and other beast much worse, all gnashing teeth and angry eyes. It’s a wonder the Hex-guns can keep up. That’s what kept Ezrah going though, knowing he was the beacon of light to those out here, didn’t hurt that Tesla asked a favor of him.

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