Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lyrical Life(#1): Color Blind

I hope to do this as often as I can...A poem on my feelings for the week,I hope you enjoy them.Let me know what you think,if you please.


From a filter tinted blue
the light of the world shines through
Never right
never wrong
Yet non-the-less truthful

Cold river rushes by
Pushing me down to the ground

Up again.
Muddy water on the bank
A slip
Then a trip

Red is overlaid
purple is my pigment now
A sad mix
A mad mix
Blinding rage flashes ruefully

Swollen eyes
Down cast
A stumble
A fall

Jagged rocks
Gouge flesh
Rend the soul

Green is laid upon
Grey the world is now
A mess
Longing for more

Life goes on
In the current below
Me caught in the dead spot between

Blurred and jumbled
Clarity is needed
Foresight to forge on

One step
Then another
Glacial currents

Colors fade
Then brighten
And disperse

Legs unsteady
One then the other
Up the slippery slope

World all shine and glare
Blindly smiling
I walk on

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